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It depends what you need but we aim to create basic 1 - 5 page websites in around 1 week from order. For projects 5 pages + that require a lot of information or e-commerce websites that require product listings it could take us alot longer. The more pages or products a website has could require more time than smaller websites with fewer pages. If you would like to discus your next web project with us feel free to send us an email through our contact page.
A basic small business website from Website By Design with 1 - 5 pages will cost around £259.
Website By Design offers a managed-to-host website hosting service that uses fast VPS starting at £20 per month. Hosting costs are subject to websites size and can be subject to change over time. Larger websites that require more RAM Memory, CPU usage and storage space could cost increasly more.
Website SEO is the practice of increasing your website's search ranking in popular search engines. SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. Learn more.
Yes, you can use your own web hosting provider. However, you won't get the support Website By Design offers with its managed-to-host website hosting services and you will be required to back up and update your website yourself.
If you using Website By Design's managed-to-host services send us an email at [email protected] or call us on 07463277450. If you have a website with another hosting provider that is running slow and you want to migrate your website to Website By Design managed-to-host services we will be happy to help migrate your website to our fast VPS servers.
If you have an existing website with another hosting provider and you want to move your website onto Website By Design managed-to-host services we will be happy to help you move your website to a new server or migrate your website to a new domain name. Website By Design uses fast VPS servers that are updated frequently.
Website By Design does not offer domain registration or domain management for the reasons that renewals can become complicated our clients must have access to domain name registrars' websites so that they can access their domain name in the event that our client wants to make any changes to their domain name. We recommend using, Google domains, 123-reg, Godaddy, Hostgator, OVH. There are lots of good domain name registrars on the market that will allow you to register a domain name right away.
That's a good question while it's true WordPress and other web frameworks like OpenCart are free to use. We charge you for design and development services. There is a lot more to creating a website than simply just installing WordPress or another Web Framework onto a webserver. Configuring your website to be secure and run without errors is often one of the more challenging aspects. Once your website is finished being built there won't be any further charges to use the platform. If you require any further design work there could be additional charges.
To host a website online you typically need web hosting, a webserver is essentially data centre grade PC's that are designed to host websites and other web applications.
WordPress is a free and open-source CMS (Content Management System). WordPress is paired with a MySQL database is typically ran from a LAMP server.
JAMStack websites are essentially websites that are build in a static format and are served from a CDN (Content Delivery Network) rather then from standard type of website hosting server. Jamstack is not the same thing as WordPress is not to be confused with WordPress or other web frameworks. JAMStack refers to the way the websites stack is set up.
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