What is Managed Web Hosting?

What is Managed web hosting? Managed web hosting is a type of website hosting that is controlled by your web hosting provider. Unlike Unmanaged hosting that must be managed and maintained by yourself or your company. Managed hosting packages keep most of the hard work in the hands of the web hosting provider.

Tasks could include managing system hardware, updates, patching, server migration, managing DNS Settings &  Mail Servers, server hardening, Virus and spam protection, monitoring.

Managed hosting ensures that clients’ websites stay online and receive essential updates and patches.

Managed hosting is perfect for small businesses that have limited ICT infrastructure.

Our managed hosting plans start at £30 per month 


Server Specs

Our servers are shared fairly with our clients; each of our web servers can host up to 30 websites and network space is shared between our clients.

We shop around for the best servers hosted in the best locations across the globe this ensures that website traffic can reach your server quickly and often server specs can change based on availability.

We use Cloudflare to help speed up your website by linking our server with Cloudflare’s content delivery network. We can improve server performance and greatly improve the security of your website by adding DOS protection to your website.

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