Business Directories & Search Engine Submission

When you purchase a comprehensive web plan from Website By Design we will help you submit your business to many free local business directories. Website By Design will also submit your website to Google and other leading search engines.

When you first create a website it won’t be instantly popular on search engines. Search engines like Google rank your website based on a lot of different metrics such as DA (Domain Authority) PA (Page Authority). Google and other leading search engines use web crawlers to find your website and list its content in their results. Sometimes when we first create a website it may take some time for crawlers to find our website.

We can solve this by creating a site map for our website. We can submit our website’s site map in Google Search Console. By submitting a website site map can help speed up the process by listing parts of our website that exist, helps search engines map our website easier and in turn speeds up the process of getting indexed on search engines.

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