What’s the cost of building and maintaining a website?

There are costs that are associated with creating and maintaining a website that are often overlooked. Keeping your website maintained can be costly and time-consuming. It’s always best to keep a budget aside for the maintenance of your website.




Web Hosting

Websites typically need to be hosted on a web server. Webservers come in different shapes and sizes & hosted in different locations across the globe. For a typical small business website, it can cost around £20-£30 per month for a high-quality VPS or dedicated server. Depending on the size of your project and its demands large websites can pay increasingly more for their website hosting than smaller websites. Smaller websites are often hosted on a shared web server that can cost a lot less but has its limitations. Consider when your domain renews and what the costs will be like for renewal.


SEO & Advertising

SEO plays a big part in creating any popular website to succeed in driving a lot of web traffic to your website you will need a good SEO strategy. Some brands like to run Advertising Campaigns to find potential customers. Some websites like to post on social media. SEO has many aspects and can often be time-consuming. Put into account the time required to implement your website SEO strategy and set an advertising budget if you have one.


Email Marketing

Often websites that send a lot of emails or newsletters from their platform might require a dedicated email marketing platform. Email marketing platforms help to automatically handle emails. The costs of a dedicated email platform depend on how many emails you send from your website.


Time & Knowledge

Designing a website can be time-consuming. Maintaining a website can be even more time-consuming. Knowledge of the best web practices is required to build a successful website often it’s not as easy as simply registering a domain name & signing up with some random host.

The amount of money you can expect to pay would be based on how many hours of work have been spent on your website and also the difficulty of the tasks required.


Cyber Security

Cyber Security can play a big part in maintaining any website without protection in place your site could be subject to cyber-attacks. Having the best tools on hand & knowledge to protect your website is always the best practice. Set a cyber security budget how much would you pay to keep your website protected? Depending on the scale of your web project cyber security costs can vary. Using a WAP (Web Application Firewall) can help protect your website from hackers.

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